Music Branding

Music Branding is the intentional and comprehensive use of music or sound to create a Sound Identity. Reinforced at multiple touch points, this builds Brand recognition and loyalty. The Sound ID then becomes a constant in marketing strategy, much like logo or slogan.

Let Got You Listening work with your team to find your Sound Identity.

  • Audio Logo: as simple as the chimes of NBC, or as elaborate as the Rhapsody in Blue of United Airlines, an Audio Logo lets music work to build Brand Recognition and turns a first time user into a loyal customer.
  • Music or Theme: The association between a brand and a licensed or original piece of music. Got You Listening works with top publishing houses to license music from established artists as well as undiscovered talent. We also create or commission original pieces of music to meet specific Music Branding needs.
  • Voice-over: When a business speaks, what do they sound like? Young, old, male, female, charismatic, chill? Are they the wise sage to be trusted with life’s most important decisions, or a surfer-dude looking to party? We tailor a Voice-Over persona to speak most authentically and effectively to the target demographic.
  • In-store music: Why pass up the opportunity to reinforce Sound Identity? Working strategically, we’ll place music in public areas, which create the sound environment clients associate with your brand.
  • On hold music: An often-overlooked opportunity, this music should create a positive association with your brand, and entertain at the same time.
Music Branding